People’s Choice Award 2014 voting

All members of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) are invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award (aka the Public PiMP award).

Here are the images of the finalists.

PiMP2014-Finalists-1 PiMP2014-Finalists-2

Pick your top three images and then vote using this online survey website  (which is also linked from the finalists’ image gallery). You will need your ACPSEM member number.

Everybody else: sorry, you can’t vote this time, but you can still look at the images of the finalists.


Thanks to ROSA

We would like to thank Radiation Oncology Support Australia (ROSA) for kindly supporting the 2014 PiMP competition! The funds will be used for the PiMP trophies and for printing of images.




2014 Submissions

We received many great submissions for the inaugural PiMP competition. A big thank you to everybody who participated!!

The judging by our professional judges around the world is well underway.

We will start the judging for the People’s Choice award soon (which is why we’re not including any images with this post). Stay tuned!

Welcome to PiMP, Photography in Medical Physics!

Let’s celebrate our exciting profession and show off visually stimulating aspects of the work of a Medical Physicist.


We have just closed the submissions to first the Photography in Medical Physics (PIMP) competition. The competition is run in three categories:

P – Professionals at work
O – Other exciting aspects of Medical Physics
M – Macro: Get up close and personal with Medical Physics

Stay tuned for the results and the images!