PiMP 2017 Winners

The results of the 2017 Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition have been announced at the “Gamma Gurus Gala Dinner” of the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference, EPSM 2017 at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart earlier this week.  The dinner also featured a display of selected images from the competition printed in high gloss on metal, which were auctioned off for the benefit of charitable work.

There were awards for the professional judging and for the public vote, the “Public PiMP” award chosen by members and staff of ACPSEM.

Professional Judging

1st place – Claire Pagulayan “Luring your supervisor into having a TEAP meeting”

(c) 2017 Claire Pagulayan

2nd place – Claire Pagulayan “Broken Mirror”

(c) 2017 Claire Pagulayan


3rd place – Alicia Moggre and Andy Cousins “The Dangers Of Lisping”

(c) 2017 Alicia Moggre and Andy Cousins


Honourable Mention – Amy Walker “Retired Flight Tube”

(c) 2017 Amy Walker


Honourable Mention – Frank Gagliardi “Medical Physicist’s Jelly Shots“

(c) 2017 Frank Gagliardi


Honourable Mention – Jarrad Begg – “Top Down Target”

(c) 2017 Jarrad Begg



People’s Choice – Public PiMP Award

1st place and Public PiMP Award –   Claire Pagulayan “Broken Mirror”

(c) 2017 Claire Pagulayan


2nd place – Claire Pagulayan “Luring your supervisor into having a TEAP meeting”

(c) 2017 Claire Pagulayan


3rd place – Jarrad Begg “Aligned On The Future”

(c) 2017 Jarrad Begg


Honourable Mention – Giles Wynn-Williams “Medical Physicist Commitment 1978”

(c) 2017 Giles Wynn-Williams


Honourable Mention – Nikki Shelton “New frontiers”

(c) 2017 Nikki Shelton


Congratulations to all winners! Thanks to all participants for entering, thanks to our judges, and thanks to all the members and staff who participated in the online vote!

Thank you also to the ACPSEM leadership and HQ staff (current and past), in particular Susie Zhong, Geoff Barbaro and Hannah Pia Baral, as well as to Leah Biffin, the EPSM 2017 social co-ordinator! You all were essential to the success of PiMP 2017.

We would also like to thank Hans and Jason of the Gamma Gurus for again supporting PiMP this year!


Joerg Lehmann (PiMP Master) and Alannah Kejda (PiMP Mistresses)

final   01 - Thank you to the Gamma Gurus for the generous support of PiMP 2015