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Paintings, drawings and other physical art forms need to be photographed or scanned. Judging will be based on the submitted image file. For the GPS category, please include a screen capture of your movement as recorded by the GPS tracker of your choice (Strava, MapMyFitness, FitBit etc) as well as a photograph of you from the trip (along with any accompanying friends, colleagues, children or pets).

Please name your image files with

  1. the name of the artist
  2. the category (P – Professionals, T – Technical, A – Anything else creative, GPS – Patterns of self propelled human movement)
  3. the title of the image


  • “VVanGough_A_ComputerImageMyEar.jpg” for P, T and A
  • “UBolt_GPS_GroceryRun-a.jpg” and UBolt_GPS_GroceryRun-b.jpg” for the map and photo from any GPS art.

For uploading you may select all your images at once or you may upload them separately. However, in the latter case you will need to type your name and email address for each upload again (unless your browser remembers).

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