PiMP 2016 Winners

This year’s Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition concluded at the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference, EPSM 2016 in Sydney. The finalist images were on display at the booth of our sponsors, the Gamma Gurus and were shown on the large screens in the symposia rooms of the Australian Technology Park Conference & Event Centre between the scientific presentations.

The PiMP 2016 winners were announced during the afternoon tea break on Wednesday. As before, there were three thematic categories judged by our panel of judges plus the People’s Choice (Public PiMP) award chosen by members and staff of ACPSEM.

Category: Professionals at work

1st place – James Rijken “Radiation Signage In Sight”


2nd place – Duncan Butler “Sleeve Alignment”


3rd place – Nanette Schleich “Broken Linac Mirror”


Category: Marco – Get up close and personal with Medical Physics

1st place – Nanette Schleich “Broken Linac Mirror 2”


2nd place – James Rijken “Electron Fractals”


3rd place – Reza Alnaghi “Electron Acceleration”source”


Category: Other exciting aspects of Medical Physics

1st place – Ryan Smith “Liquid X-rays”


2nd place – Stephanie Corde “Jelly Rat Hungry After Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy“


3rd place – Price Jackson “Seriously, Go Away”


People’s Choice aka “Public PiMP” Award

1st place – Christchurch Hospital Oncology Physics Team 2004 “LinacBoat”


2nd place – James Rijken “Radiation Signage In Sight”

3rd place – Michael Jameson “Beams Eye View”




Congratulations to all winners! And thanks again to everybody for entering: we could literally not do this without you!   Thank you to the ACPSEM leadership and HQ staff, namely Geoff Barbaro (General Manager), Hannah Pia Baral (Deputy General Manager), Susie Zhong, Josephine Ardizzone and Denise Wang for their support!

We would also like to thank the Gamma Gurus again for supporting PiMP 2016 and enabling us to print images and to provide nice trophies to the winners.

We are excited about the request from Martin Caon, Editor in Chief of Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine, the scientific journal of ACPSEM, to publish PiMP images from this and previous years in upcoming issues of the journal.


Joerg Lehmann (PiMP Master)

May Whitaker and Alannah Kejda (PiMP Mistresses)

final   01 - Thank you to the Gamma Gurus for the generous support of PiMP 2015  supported by