PiMP Winners 2018

The results of the 2018 Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition have been announced at the “Gamma Gurus Gala Dinner” of the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference, EPSM 2018 at the Adelaide Oval last week.

A selection of 30 images have been printed in high gloss on metal. They are on display in the City Suite Foyer of the Adelaide Convention Centre until 28 November 2018. The prints were part of a silent auction at the gala dinner for the benefit of the Better Healthcare Technology Foundation.

PiMP awards were given in the two categories “Technical / Technology” and  “Professionals at work”, as judged by our panel of professionals. Additionally the winner of the “Public PiMP” award was chosen by members and staff of the ACPSEM.

Professional Judging – Technical / Technology

1st place – Duncan Butler “In Lucy’s Head”

(c) 2018 Duncan Butler


2nd place – Gray Lu “State of the Art Phantom”

(c) 2018 Gray Lu


2nd place – Talia Jarema “Into the Tunnel”

(c) 2018 Talia Jarema


2nd place – Duncan Butler “X-ray tube at 100”

(c) 2018 Duncan Butler

Professional Judging – Professionals at work

1st place – Daniel Truant “Patiently waiting on a linac”

(c) 2018 Daniel Truant

2nd place – Rik Nezich “Doomsday Preppers”

(c) 2018 Rik Nezich


2nd place – Amy Walker “Self Reflections”

(c) 2018 Amy Walker

People’s Choice – Public PiMP Award

1st place and Public PiMP Award –  Rik Nezich “Doomsday Preppers”

(c) 2018 Rik Nezich


2nd place – Daniel Truant “Patiently waiting on a linac”

(c) 2018 Daniel Truant


3rd place – Duncan Butler “X-Ray tube at 100”

(c) 2018 Duncan Butler

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you to all participants for entering amazing images this year! We could not do this without you. Thanks to our judges, and thanks to all the members and staff who participated in the online vote!

Thank you to Eva Bezak, convener of EPSM 2018, to the ACPSEM leadership and to Susie Zhong for their support of PiMP 2018!

We would also like to thank Hans and Jason of the Gamma Gurus for their continuing support of our competitions!


Joerg Lehmann (PiMP Master) and Alannah Kejda (PiMP Mistress)

final   01 - Thank you to the Gamma Gurus for the generous support of PiMP 2015