Medical Physics

PiMP 2014 Winners

The winners of the 2014 Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition were announced at the Combined Scientific Meeting (CSM) in Melbourne on Sunday, 7 September 2014. The winners in the three thematic categories, as selected by our esteemed panel of judges, are:


Category: Professionals at work

1st place – Duncan Butler “Alignment”

028 P - Alignment


2nd place – Ben Keir “Phantom Physicists”

031 P - Phantom Physicists

Equal 3rd place – Jacqueline Foo “Let’s get to the point”

045e P - Let s get to the point

Equal 3rd place – Duncan Butler “Synchrotron beam pipe”

029 P - Syncrotron beam pipe



Category: Marco – Get up close and personal with Medical Physics

1st place – Katrina Biggerstaff “Electron gun”

018e M - Electron gun


Equal 2nd place – Anita Adhitya “Ferrofluid”

010 M - Ferrofluid

Equal 2nd place – Anita Adhitya “Ferrofluid 3”

012 M - Ferrofluid3

Equal 2nd place – Duncan Butler “Aperture”

025 M - Aperture

Equal 2nd place – Duncan Butler “Graphite Chamber”

026 M - Graphite chamber



Category: Other exciting aspects of Medical Physics

1st place – Duncan Butler “Working late”

027 O - Working late


2nd place – Chris Lee “Daily Laser QA”

034e O - Daily laser QA

 Equal 3rd place – Frank Gagliardi “3D microbeams colour”

038 O - 3D Microbeams colour

Equal 3rd place – Frank Gagliardi “Interlaced microbeams”

040 O - Interlaced microbeams

Equal 3rd place – Paul White “Jelly baby 2014”

023e O - Jelly baby 2014



The People’s Choice aka “Public PiMP” Award, as selected by the members of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) in an online vote, goes to

Ben Keir “Phantom Physicists”

031 P - Phantom Physicists


Second in the People’s Choice voting came

David Jolly  “Through the ages 2”

017 P - Through the ages 2

Followed in third place by

Peta Lonski  “Teaching”

003e P - Teaching



Thanks to everybody for entering; it was a great effort and many people enjoyed viewing the images at the CSM in Melbourne.

Thank you to the ACPSEM leadership, namely ACPSEM President Dr. Sean Geoghegan, General Manager Geoff Barbaro and Education Officer Yuri Chernenko for their support!

We would also like to thank Radiation Oncology Support Australia (ROSA) again for supporting PiMP 2014 and enabling us to provide nice trophies to the winners.


Joerg Lehmann (PiMP Master) and May Whitaker (PiMP Mistress)