PiMP 2015 Winners

The winners of this year’s Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition were announced at the Engineering and the Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference, EPSM 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. There were three thematic categories judged by our panel of judges and the People’s Choice (Public PiMP) award chosen by members and staff of ACPSEM.

Category: Professionals at work

1st place – Duncan Butler ” Pinpoint Alignment”

032 P - Pinpoint Alignment

2nd place – Kristie Harrison “After Hours Physicist”

012 P - After Hours Physicist

Equal 3rd place – Elizabeth Kyriakou “LaBella Fantasma”

024 P - La Bella Fantasma

Equal 3rd place – Talia Jarema – “The super-hero gig is a bit slow these days – retraining”

027 P - The super-hero gig is a bit slow these days - retraining


Category: Marco – Get up close and personal with Medical Physics

Equal Winner – Amy Walker “MLC Alignment”


Equal Winner – Stephanie Corde “The Roots Of Medical Physics”

018 M - The Roots Of Medical Physics

Equal 2nd place – Kat Biggerstaff  “Secondary Carousel Edge”

021 M - Secondary Carousel Edge

Equal 2nd place – Kat Biggerstaff “Thyratron”

022 M - Thyratron

Equal 2nd place – Peta Lonski “Anatomy”

028 M - Anatomy - copy2

3rd place – Kat Biggerstaff  “Gamma Knife source”

019 M - Gamma Knife Source


Category: Other exciting aspects of Medical Physics

Equal Winner – Michael Jameson “eTree”

005 O - eTree

Equal Winner – Michael Douglass “LaserQA”

015 O - LaserQA

Equal 2nd place – AmyWalker “Laser Alignment”


Equal 2nd place – Michael Douglass “Isocentre”

016 O - Isocentre

Equal 3rd place – Micheal Douglass “Arc”

013 O - Arc

Equal 3rd place – Peta Lonski  “May the charge be with you”

030 O - May The Charge Be With You-resaved copy

People’s Choice aka “Public PiMP” Award

Winner – Michael Douglass “Isocentre”

016 O - Isocentre

2nd place – Michael Douglass “LaserQA”

015 O - LaserQA

3rd place – Michael Jameson “eTree”

005 O - eTree

Congratulations to all winners! Thanks to everybody for entering! There was a lot of positive response to the images at EPSM and many members participated in the voting for the People’s choice award. Thank you to the ACPSEM leadership, namely ACPSEM President Dr. Sean Geoghegan, Kristie Harrison (NSW/ACT Branch Chair), Geoff Barbaro (General Manager), Hannah Pia Baral (Deputy General Manager), Susie and Yuri Chernenko for their support!

We would also like to thank the Gamma Gurus again for supporting PiMP 2015 and enabling us to create the display with High Gloss Aluminum prints at EPSM and to provide nice trophies to the winners.


Joerg Lehmann (PiMP Master)

May Whitaker and Alannah Kejda (PiMP Mistresses)

final   01 - Thank you to the Gamma Gurus for the generous support of PiMP 2015  supported by