ARt in Science and ENgineering In mediCine

Photography in Medical Physics has evolved into ARSENIC, bigger and better than ever!

For 2021 we have joined forces with the Better Healthcare Technology Foundation and expanded the competition in reach and scope. Entries are invited from Physicists and Engineers working in Medicine as well as their colleagues from related professions. Submissions beyond the traditional photography are welcomed. So if you’ve harbored a talent for painting, drawing, sculpture or even textile art we’d love to see your work. A separate category encompasses GPS recorded patterns created by walking, cycling, swimming, rowing or other forms of self propelled human movements.

The purpose of the competition remains to celebrate our exciting professions, to show off visually stimulating aspects of the work of Scientists and Engineers in Medicine, and, importantly, to have fun.


  • Participants submit art works in digital format, always retaining the copyrights to their work and with the permission for us to use the images within outlined rules
  • Submission is open to any practicing or aspiring member of an ACPSEM affiliated profession, and their colleagues.
  • The images are assessed by a panel of judges based on their visual impact, storytelling aspects, and technical quality.
  • The images are presented to the public and all are invited for a public vote.
  • Prizes are awarded during EPSM, including glass trophies for first prize and certificates for 2nd and 3rd


T – Technical

P – Professionals at work / working from home

A – Anything else creative

GPS – Patterns of self propelled human movement

Each submission needs to be submitted as a digital file. For categories T, P and A this would be the photograph or a scan/photograph of the physical art piece. For the GPS category, please include a screen capture of your movement as recorded by the GPS tracker of your choice (Strava, MapMyFitness, FitBit etc) as well as a photograph of you from the trip (along with any accompanying friends, colleagues, children or pets).

Image display and use

Selected images may be displayed at EPSM, published on the ACPSEM/BHTF websites, their newsletters, on the our website, journal, related social media and in other publications. Participants agree for their images to be used as part of the submission. We will do our best to always provide image credit.

We will potentially use selected images for promotional items. If you wish to not have your image included with those, please advise so with an email at the time of image submission.

Terms and Conditions

Deadline for image submission is 10 Oct 2021

Image submission is digital via this upload site

Image type: JPEG

Image size: as large as possible – don’t kill any pixels!

The submitted image file name should contain the name of the artist, the category and the name of the image separated by spaces, e.g.: “VVanGough_A_ComputerImage-MyEar.jpg” (for P, T and A) or “UBolt_GPS_GroceryRun-a.jpg and UBolt_GPS_GroceryRun-b.jpg” for the map and photo from any GPS art.

Submission is open to any practicing or aspiring member of an ACPSEM affiliated profession and their colleagues.

Each person may submit up to five entries in total and specify a category for each image in the file name as described above (we might change the category if needed).

Copyright for all submitted images remains with you, the artist. By submitting an image you grant the organizers a non-exclusive license to publicly show your image(s) printed or in electronic form as described above.

By submitting an image you affirm that any people shown in the image have agreed to be there and are ok with the image being shown publicly and possibly being printed/sold. You further affirm that your image does not violate any copyright laws.

In addition, submissions of artworks using patient medical images must include evidence that the patient has given consent for the artwork to be publicly exhibited. 

Equipment can and likely will be visible in many images. We ask that all vendor identifiable equipment is treated with respect (we love our vendors!). We also ask that the display of vendor names and logos in the images is kept to a minimum.

The organisers reserve the right to exclude any submission that are unsuitable.

There is no time limit on when the art work or image has been created, however, images may not have been previously submitted to the Photography in Medical Physics or the StravaArt competitions.

We much appreciate the continued support from the Gamma Gurus.



A big THANK YOU to Dane Pope of Sydney for his time, expertise and patience when designing the logo for “Photography in Medical Physics”, soon to be more casually known as the “PiMP logo”.