PiMP 2015 Call for submissions

As we had so much fun and many great submissions with our inaugural competition, we decided to do it again: Welcome to PiMP 2015!

To not overcomplicate things, we are keeping the rules pretty much the same. All Medical Physicists are invited to submit up to 5 photos to the 2015 “Photography in Medical Physics” (PiMP) competition. The goal is to celebrate our exciting profession and to show off visually stimulating aspects of the work of a Medical Physicist.

The competition will again run in three categories:

P – Professionals at work

O – Other exciting aspects of Medical Physics

M – Macro: Get up close and personal with Medical Physics

Images will be judged by a jury of professionals from Medical Physics and Photography.   Criteria are visual impact, storytelling aspects, and technical quality. The top three images in each category will be awarded prizes and the now highly coveted “PIMP award”. We will also again have the public’s choice prize, the “Public PIMP award”, selected by all interested members of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM).

The images will be shown at EPSM 2015 in Wellington. Some images will be published in the ACPSEM Newsletter, on our website (www.PhotographyInMedicalPhysics.com), related social media (www.facebook.com/go4PiMP) and other publications.

Terms and Conditions

  • Images must be photographs. Small image corrections and modifications in image editing software are allowed, but the impact of the image needs to arise from the photo and not from a post processing effect.
  • Image submission is digital via email to: photographyinmedphys <at> gmail<dot>com with subject line: “Image submission”. Attach all images to one email. You will receive a confirmation email within 3 business days.
  • Image size: largest dimension: 2000 pixels, colour space: sRGB
  • Images are planned to be printed in the 4×5 and square aspect ratios. If your creativity requires a different aspect ratio and your image is selected to be printed we will likely add black space around it to fit 4×5.
  • The submitted image file name should contain the name of the photographer, the category (P, O, or M) and the name of the image separated by spaces, e.g.: “BobHasselblad P JoysOfMonthlyQA.jpg”
  • Submission is open to any Medical Physicist, irrespective of area of work (hospital, university, industry, government), employment status, country of residence, favourite ion chamber, preferred electrometer range etc.
  • Each person may submit up to five images in total and specify a category for each image in the file name as described above (otherwise we will assign one).
  • Copyright for all submitted images remains with you, the photographer. By submitting an image you affirm that you took the image and grant the organisers a non-exclusive license to publicly show your images (printed or in electronic form) for the purposes of this and future competitions, as well as for promotion of ACPSEM and the profession of Medical Physics
  • By submitting an image you also affirm that any people shown in the image have agreed to be there, that you have permission to take the photograph in that particular locale with that particular equipment, and are ok with the image being shown publicly and possibly being printed. You further affirm that your image does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Equipment can and likely will be visible in many images. We ask that all vendor identifiable equipment is treated with respect (we love our vendors!). We also ask that the display of vendor names and logos in the images is kept to a minimum.
  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude any submission that they deem non-suitable