At Distance Together – PiMP 2020 – Call for submissions with a special category

As in previous years, we are calling for submissions to the Photography in Medical Physics competition. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on all our lives and workplaces, we have added a special category in the hope that taking photos will help in coping with the situation and also document the efforts and circumstances. As “Social Distancing” and working in isolation away from colleagues and the social fabric of our workplaces become necessary, we want focus on that we are all in this together.

Under the name “At Distance Together” we are calling for images that show how your work life as a Medical Physicist has changed and how you are dealing with the overall situation. If this resonates with photographers and we receive suitable submissions, we will consider showing these images prior to the official judgement though our various outlets with the intend to spread the hope and give encouragement.

As before, we will have the two categories covering technical and social aspects of our profession. So, the 2020 categories are:

T – Technical / Technology. This category is for images that display the beauty of technical aspects of our field, as well as for those using photographic techniques such as long exposures.

P – Professionals at work. This category is for sharing people focused and other (fun) parts of the job. (You might want to use the longer lens to keep the recommended distance to others).

ADT – At Distance Together. How has “Social Distancing” and working in isolation impacted your work? Photograph to inspire, encourage and/or amuse others and to document these times. (There is no limit on the number of submissions per person in this category. Start submitting now and repeat often. The images might be displayed throughout the year.)

As before, images will be judged by a jury of professionals from Medical Physics and Photography. The criteria are visual impact, storytelling aspects, and technical quality. The top three images in each category will be honoured with the winners receiving the highly coveted “PIMP awards”. We will also be hosting the public’s choice prize, the “Public PIMP award”, as voted on by members and staff of the ACPSEM.

We hope to show selected images at the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference, EPSM 2020 in Brisbane. Images will be published on the ACPSEM website, its newsletter, on the PiMP website, related social media and in other publications. In the last three years some images were printed on metal and auctioned off during EPSM, with all proceeds donated to the Asia Pacific Special Interest Group (APSIG) benefiting the advancement of medical physics and engineering, especially in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope to also have an auction benefiting the foundation again this year. If you prefer not to have your image in the auction, please indicate this at submission. This will not impact your chances of winning.

Terms and Conditions

  • Deadline for image submission is Sunday 9 August 2020 17:00 AEST
  • Images must be photographs. This includes those taken with camera phones.
  • For all images, small image corrections and modifications in image editing software are allowed, but the impact of the image needs to arise from the initial capture and not from a post processing effect.
  • Image type: JPEG
  • Image size: as large as possible – don’t kill any pixels!
  • Image submission is digital via this upload site 
  • The submitted image file name should contain the name of the photographer, the category (P, T or ADT) and the name of the image separated by spaces, e.g.: “ EdwardLeica_ADT_MyHomeOffice.jpg”
  • Submission is open to any practicing or aspiring Medical Physicist
  • Each person may submit up to five images in total (for T and P) and specify a category for each image in the file name as described above (we might change the category if needed). There is no limit on the number of submissions for the ADT category.
  • Copyright for all submitted images remains with you, the photographer. By submitting an image you grant the organisers and ACPSEM a non-exclusive license to publicly show your image(s) (printed or in electronic form) to promote ACPSEM and this and future competitions. Image credit will be given. Unless informing us of the contrary when submitting your image, you also agree for your images to be included in an auction benefiting APSIG.
  • By submitting an image you affirm that any people shown in the image have agreed to be there and are ok with the image being shown publicly and possibly being printed/sold. You further affirm that your image does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Equipment can and likely will be visible in many images. We ask that all vendor identifiable equipment is treated with respect (we love our vendors!). We also ask that the display of vendor names and logos in the images is kept to a minimum.
  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude any submission that they deem non-suitable

Start now and submit early!

The competition is organized by Joerg Lehmann and Alannah Kejda as a social activity of the NSW/ACT branch of the ACPSEM. It is kindly supported by sponsorship from the Gamma Gurus.

We hope participating in the competition will provide you with fun and diversion. The goal is to celebrate our exciting profession and to show off visually stimulating aspects of the work of a Medical Physicist, always, and especially in these times.

We look forward to your submissions!
Joerg and Alannah

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